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About Us

Alpha's Vision

At Alpha Healthcare, our vision is to drive optimal health outcomes for everyone by empowering patients and providers to collaborate. Our fully integrated and compliant ecosystem optimizes providers practices, enabling personalized and patient-centered care. Alpha's comprehensive approach captures a significant share of healthcare revenue while improving continuity of care for patients. Alpha is excited to be a part of the healthcare transformation. We believe that our integrated model and our commitment to compliance can make a real difference in the lives of patients and providers. Join us in shaping the future of healthcare.

Who is Alpha?

Alpha is a physician-led organization which strengthens our ability to drive healthcare goals and improve patient outcomes. Our leadership team is comprised of seasoned healthcare professionals with decades of experience, including C-Suite roles in medical practices, health plans, value-based companies, and healthcare software companies.

Alpha leverages extensive knowledge and expertise to spearhead innovation and drive transformative change within the healthcare industry.

Our Bussiness Model

Alpha's business model is focused on improving provider performance, aligning incentives, and enhancing the patient experience. We strategically determine whether to build, buy, or partner on services that we offer in order to maximize revenue, drive cost savings, and improve patient care and provider satisfaction.

Our integrated ecosystem allows Alpha to capture a significant portion of healthcare spending that private practices typically have no access to. This model provides practices with integrated services that deliver a high-quality, comprehensive service offering that is tailored to each patient and provider's unique needs.

Improved provider performance

We help providers improve their performance by providing them with access to data analytics, business process services and best practices. We also offer a variety of training and development programs to help providers stay up to date on the latest medical trends and regulations.

Aligned incentives

We align incentives between providers, payors and patients to ensure that everyone is working towards the same goal: improving patient outcomes. We do this by negotiating value-based contracts with payors and sharing savings with providers when they meet certain quality goals

Enhanced patient experience

We focus on enhancing the patient experience by making it easier for patients to access care and by providing them with a personalized, digitalized and coordinated care experience. We do this by offering a variety of services, such as online scheduling, virtual visits, and medication delivery.