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Optimal Patient & Provider Outcomes Through Our Integrated Healthcare Ecosystem

Let Alpha navigate healthcare complexities, unlock growth opportunities, and achieve better outcomes for your providers and patients

Our Mission

At Alpha, we believe that healthcare is not just about diagnosing and treating illness, but also about empowering patients and providers to collaborate towards achieving optimal health outcomes. Alpha's mission is to transform healthcare by offering providers a fully integrated, compliant ecosystem that optimizes their practice while enabling them to provide personalized, patient-centered care that puts the needs of each individual at the forefront.

Why Alpha?

As a physician-led organization, Alpha Integrated Health prioritizes the patient in every aspect of its offerings. Committed to empowering private practices, we provide the essential tools, resources, and support necessary to deliver exceptional patient-centered care. Our comprehensive range of products and services encompasses a broad spectrum of clinical resources and practice management solutions.

Alpha Integrative Health is dedicated to serving diverse medical practices, catering to a wide range of specialties including.

Primary Care (IM/FM)






& more

We have the knowledge and resources to assist practices across the healthcare spectrum, ensuring they have the tools they need to deliver exceptional patient care.

Our integrated healthcare ecosystem provides you the tools to revolutionize the way you deliver care

Improved payor contracts

Maximize practice profitability through optimized reimbursement rates and strategic expansion into new types of agreements, including risk-based and value-based models.

Laboratory & Imaging Services

Improve continuity of care, decrease turnaround time, and improved HEDIS measures through high touch laboratory & imaging partnerships

Pharmacy services

Streamline medication access and adherence while driving revenue with our comprehensive pharmacy partnerships and physician dispensing setup

Business Process Outsourcing Services

Optimize patient care, financial performance, and operational efficiency through our remote patient monitoring, revenue cycle management, recruiting, and group purchasing services.

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